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Thanksgiving was pretty relaxed. My Mom made us clean on Thursday morning. It actually wasnt that bad. We moved the furniture and swept and mopped the living room floor. Then I went through all of Ava's toys and got rid of a bunch of stuff. Its so much cleaner now, and easier to keep clean too. And she actually seems to play with the toys now instead of just throwing them all on the floor. Im going to try and not get her a bunch of toys for Christmas this year. That way if she gets toys from other people then it wont be a big deal. I did order her "Santa" present from Toys R Us. Its a Disney princess kitchen. She should like it. I figured i would rather pay the $10 shipping and handling than actually have to set foot inside a Toys R Us this time of year. I had it shipped to Jeffs house because I have nowhere to hide it until Christmas Eve. I think Im buying a lot of people books for Christmas this year. I bought Michelle the Movie 12 Angry Men (the original) because its one of her favorites, along with the play it was based on, and a conpanion book that discusses the movie, etc. I got my Mom the first season for the tv show Bones and then one of the books by the lady that the show is based on. And Ava is totally into books right now, which I am fine with. I hope she stays into books. I want to get her some that she look at on her own, and then some that we can sit and read together. Yep, definately think books are a good gift.

I really didnt do anythign else over the lomg weekend. They offered if we wanted to work on Saturday, but I wasnt feeling it at all. Plus I didnt want to ask my mom to babysit. Ava and I did try and shop a little on Friday. We went at like 10ish and we only went to the Block, so it wasnt that crowded. I didnt really get anything, because its pretty much impossible to try and shop with Ava.

I have no idea how the progress of the room addition idea is going. I ask Jeff and he doesnt answer me, not a good sign. He will tell me the things that he has done or still needs to do, but when I ask about getting estimates and things, silence. So Im not sure what to do. I mean do I press the issue, or do I wait until the insanity of the holidays are over. I know he is kinda stressed with the Christmas season approaching and his new store opening in a few weeks. I guess the turnover at his store now is not going well. The guy thats taking over his store is being kind of an ass and he thinks a lot of the staff will leave soon. I told him that its not his fault, its the new managers and to just focus on opeing up his new store and making the best of it. So glad Im done with retail! You know this is the first time that I have had the whole thanksgiving weekend off since I was 17 and a senior in high school. I was very excited. I kind of wish he would get out of retail too, but I dont see it happening anytime soon. Babysteps. I guess I should work on the house thing first.

i guess I am done rambling for now! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!!!!
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So it begins, the holiday season. The holidays are supposed to be fun, but it seems we get nothing but stress. We all run around trying to buy presents in the mad rush, lost in the sea of shoppers. And for those of us who work retail it is nothing but hell. People shopping last minute, pissed off at you because everything is gone, because of course you hid it in the back and just dont want to sell it to them, its not that they waited too long at all. Not to mention the longer hours that the stores are open, the parking fiasco, and just general chaos. But it never fails we all get caught up in the madness year after year. And why? Because deep down we really do enjoy the holidays. The trees, the lights, the presents, etc. Once you get past it all its about spending time with those closest to you.
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Help me, I need a name!
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Take the quiz: "What Disney Princess Are You?"

Sleeping Beauty
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Teresa, can I borrow your Microsoft Word disk? I dont have it on my computer anymore and the programs that are on here really really suck! Thank you!!!!
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I'm Rachel Green from Friends!

Take the Friends Quiz here.

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Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
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I am the Master of the Universe!
Magister Mundi sum!
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Ok so I figured out that if I sign onto AOL from the internet (not signing on directly to AOL) that I can get AIM from the same place that I check my mail from. So I dont need to think up a new screen name unless we get rid of AOL completely. I just thought that I would add that.
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My mom and Michelle finally got the DSL hooked up today. So I am online right now and so is Michelle. I think that this will solve many problems over the computer (and some door slamming from Michelle). I went to go sign up on AOL Instant Messenger, but I could not think of a screen name. Any suggestions?

I took the final for my five week class and turned in the paper, so that class is over! One of my worries os out of the way, that is if I pass the class. I actually went to every class and did not ditch once. (I know shocking!) PLus I studied too, so I think that I did ok. I guess I will just have to wait for the grades to get posted.
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OK, so my day has not been to good. After the 5 freewau being a parking lot and being late to work, the computers were broken. I was on the phone with the help desk for about an hour. Then they broke down again and Mel was on the phone with them for like 2 hours. While all this was going on both registers were off so I had to manually write up everyones sales. If they paid credit I went to use the phone in the back to get an approval code. Because I was trying to be fast so the customers didn't have to wait, I forgot to write the credit card number down. This means that we don't have the number to put into the register when its fixed to charge the person. Both sales were like $75. So I'm afraid that I am going to be in lots of trouble for this. Then to top it all off, my raise didnt go through. I got my check and my raise was not on it. So its like everything went wrong today. Now I'm going to sit around and do nothing until I hear from Teresa or Randi and try to forget about my horrible day.
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I went to the gym this morning and even got some reading done for my censorship class. Now what was I doing up this early you may ask. Well in the on going drama that is my sisters life, she had a trauma this morning. (But then again, when doesnt she?) She had some kind of essay due today and she waits until this morning to print it. That would have been ok, but she knows that her printer doesnt work anymore, so why she waited, I don't know. So I was woken up with her crying and my dad yelling. They ask if my printer works. I told her to e-mail it to me and sent it as an attachment. Then I printed it off for her and she was able to go to school. (lets see how long she stays today) Since I was up, I decided to to something productive with myself, so I went to the gym and worked out while reading for class. Thats why I feel acomplished. Now I must finish get ready for work.
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I just got home from work. I am very tired. I had 3 classes today then went to work straight after. Tomorrow is payday, but I'm afraid that they screwed up at corporate somewhere and my raise did not go through. It better or I will be pissed off. But anyways. Enough about that. I'm going to go figure out how to read other peoples now and then maybe, do some reading for class.(I said maybe). Hopefully I will more interesting things to post if we all go out tomorrow night. We are going to be fun and exciting for once. Hopefully.
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This is my first entry. How exciting. We are trying to figure out what to go and do right now. That is all.


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